PolyFab Orthotics supplies to healthcare professionals around Australia and have been for the last 25 years. In fact, PolyFab Orthotics were first created to supply direct to the health industry! 

30 years ago we saw a distinct void in the ability for podiatrists to cater to all the varying needs of their patients. That void sat somewhere between "in-shoe padding" and a "custom device". Not all patients could afford a custom orthotic and not all patients needed one either, but in-shoe padding just doesn't cut it long term! 

We made it our mission to develop a prefabricted device for podiatrist and other health professionals to use as an alturnative to custom orthotics and in-shoe padding. A product that is affordable, supportive, high quality, easy to dispence and versitile for everyday use in different shoe styles!

We have designed and manufactured this product for health professionals and would love to work with you! If you are a healthcare professional wanting to provide our products in your clinic then please contact us to discuss professional prices and partnership opportunities.

Please be sure to not place your order before contacting us first so that we can create a professional account for your clinic.