Disclaimer / Terms and Conditions

On purchasing or using this product you are accepting the terms and conditions set out below:-

This is not a substitute for medical advice and is offered in good faith.

1) If you feel any pain, have blisters or any symptoms of discomfort at all, you should stopusing the orthotics.

2) The owner or anyone associated with Polyfab Orthotics accepts no liable for injury damages or loss of any kind ( including special, indirect, consequential, incidental damages for loss of income or medical expenses) arising from the use of Polyfab Orthotics.

3) Using the orthotics as indicated under “fitting and wearing in of your orthotics” (found under Product Information)

4) The breaking in period for the orthotics, should be done slowly , this is very important.

 If discomfort is excessive,  you get blisters or you feel something is not right stop using the orthotics immediately.

5) Do not use the orthotics during the breaking in period for sport such as soccer, football, running or impact sports. Only use the orthotics during sport when you feel your feet are ready.

If you have any questions regarding the use of this product please Contact Us.

Foot problems can have a wide range of causes. A qualified medical practitioner or a Podiatrist is the best person to diagnose these problems. Information provided by Polyfab orthotics or persons associated with polyfab orthotics, is never given as medical advice and must never be taken as medical advice. This information is to be used as a guide only.
If something does not seen right, do not continue using the orthotics.