Product Information

Polyfab Orthotics are manufactured from Polypropylene.

Top covers are Lunasoft/EVA.

Polyfab Orthotics may have traces of Talcum Powder.

Polyfab orthotics are hand made, so may differ slightly.

Fitting and Wearing in of your Orthotic

Polyfab Orthotics are suitable for your average person with excess pronation, that most of us suffer from.

For a more serious biomechanical problem such as, excessive supination, the opposite to pronation. Where the feet roll outwards and the arch is high, a custom made orthotic from a Podiatrist is best suited that corrects this type of condition. Also, people with bunions, foot ulcers and deformities or excessive flat feet will need to see a podiatrist for customised  treatment.
Fitting and Wearing in of your Orthotics.

This is a very important part of getting the best result out of Polyfab Orthotics.

1) Make sure your shoes are the correct size and you have enough room to fit the orthotics. You may need to remove the existing innersoles or you may have enough space to put the orthotic on top of the inner sole that comes with the shoe.

2) When inserting the Polyfab orthotic in your shoes please ensure that you push the orthotic into the back of the heel counter of the shoe.

3) When putting the shoe on, hold the orthotic back into the heel of the shoe, to stop it from slipping forward.

4) Please ensure your laces are fully opened up when putting your foot in the shoe and then finish by lacing your shoes up firmly.

5) It is important that you wear your orthotics in gradually. You may wish to only wear them for an hour at a time initially and slowly wear for longer periods of time.

6) You should be wearing your orthotics comfortably all day, after approximately 4 weeks.

7) Minor foot and leg discomforts can occur during the initial adjustment time. If you have any questions regarding the use of this product please Contact Us or see your local Podiatrist.

8) Breaking in the orthotics slowly is very important, if discomfort is excessive or you get blisters or you feel something is not right stop using the orthotics immediately.

9) Do not use the orthotics during the breaking in period for sport such as soccer, football, running or impact sports. Only use the orthotics during sport when you feel your feet are ready.

10) You need to wear the pair of orthotics in both shoe, never use just one orthotic.

11) You should not wear your new orthotics all day from the first day. It is important to build up to the point of being able to carry your weight all day without causing discomfort.

12) Polyfab Orthotics must be used with appropriate shoes and should never be used with women’s high heel shoes

Foot problems can have a wide range of causes. A qualified medical practitioner or a Podiatrist is the best person to diagnose these problems. Information provided by polyfab orthotics or persons associated with polyfab orthotics, is never given as medical advice and must never be taken as medical advice. (This is not a substitute for medical advice and is offered in good faith.)This information is to be used as a guide only.
If something does not seen right, do not continue using the orthotics.

30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your orthotics contact Polyfab Orthotics  to discuss the return and refund of your orthotics, excluding postage.


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